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Jakob Bilinski Directing Reel 2020

Jakob Bilinski Directing Reel 2020

New sexy reel for your face here at the end of 2020! Comprised of clips from selected works I've directed over the past year (with a few select inclusions from 2019 that came after I made my last reel (link to that one: Links to several of the full works themselves are included below. Jakob Bilinski - Director / Cinematographer / Editor Visit Cinephreak Pictures: Get your Cinephreak merch: Cinephreak Pictures DVD Bundle: *Note: All selections contained here were directed/shot/edited/colored by me, with the exceptions of GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD, which was directed by Mark Bessenger and shot/edited by me, and DRINKS which was directed by me, and shot/co-edited by my man DP Bonnell, AKA the greatest DP you haven't hired yet. WORKS INCLUDED: DRINKS: "THIS IS THE WAY" EPD RECRUITMENT VIDEO: ANAMORPHIC TEST 3 - "THE WALK": CINEPHREAKY NIGHTS OF RANDOM EXPERIMENTAL CREATIVITY: TACO NIGHT: FIDEL'S "FINER THINGS" PROMO: FIDEL'S "WELCOME BACK" PROMO: STEAK 'N SHAKE "COMPARE" SPOT: STEAK 'N SHAKE "SOMETHING'S NEW" SPOT: VERTICAL EXCAPE "NOW OPEN" PROMO: TANGOKASH TWITCH INTRO: GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD EPISODE 101: GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD EPISODE 102: EPD COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PSA - "DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME": ANAMORPHIC TEST 2 - "FLOWERS": ANAMORPHIC TEST 1: JAMES MATTHEWS #JMSPINSHOTCHALLENGE: EVANSVILLE CIVIC THEATER HELP PSA: LOCATION SCOUT TEST - GARDEN OF THE GODS: LOCATION SCOUT TEST - HOWELL WETLANDS: SATURDAY NIGHT: Music: "Dominant" by Punch Deck


2018-2019. Won two Emmys for this baby. A fast and fun, dynamic travel show exploring America's love of cars and adventure that I directed/shot/edited/produced.