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Selected Shorts and Experimental Films from le filmography.

Drinks - Short Film (2020)

Drinks - Short Film (2020)

Just in time for the Holiday 2020 season, we present DRINKS. This is a short that DP and I conceived, wrote, put together, and shot very quickly awhile back as a little experiment. We wanted to see if we could make a larger-scale short film with no additional help. Just us. Zero additional crew. So we wrote the script, cast ourselves, brought on Emily as a third character, secured a location (very special thanks to Anne McKim and the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana!), and locked ourselves in for the night. We took turns running camera on each other. We had the camera on a stack of books for certain shots (we didn't even have a tripod for the shoot). We made this baby for $0 (well, save for the cost of two shirts, two ties, and a bunch of gas station sweet tea), and shot the entire thing in a single night. Ultimately, we made it just for us, but of course are now sharing it with you all. So in this gigantic crapfest of a year, we invite you to settle down this holiday season and have a drink with an old friend. Cheers, all... Directed by Jakob Bilinski Written/Produced/Edited by Jakob Bilinski & DP Bonnell Director of Photography DP Bonnell Color & Post Services by Cinephreak Pictures Starring: DP Bonnell, Jakob Bilinski, and Emily Jean Durchholz FIND US ONLINE: Cinephreak Pictures Site: Cinephreak Pictures on Instagram: dpb Cinematography Site: dpb Cinematography on Instagram: Get your Cinephreak merch: Cinephreak Pictures DVD Bundle: FEATURED MUSIC: "Lost Your Crown" by David Barajas "Woman In Love" by Bullet Points From the album "Business Card" "Never Runner" by Cas One From the album The Monster and the Wishing Well "The Devil and Jacob Snider" From the album Cas One vs Figure: So Our Egos Don't Kill Us "Is This The Way" by Bullet Points From the album Paso Doble "Contagion" by Scott Buckley "Ascension" by Scott Buckley
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"Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls."

- Ingmar Bergman

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